Flying M Miniature American Shepherds

And American Quarter Horses

Below are  our co-own (and or co-bred) females.  Some live here at the farm with us, while others reside with their other families.  

AKC CH Tanasi's Annie Up At Flying M, "Annie"

Red Merle MAS

16 3/4"

Annie lives with us here at the Flying M.  She is an outstanding girl that we are blessed to have.  Bred by & Co-owned with Jimmy & Kimberly Welton of Tanasi MAS.  Annie has a great herding instinct & helps out at the farm when needed.  She loves playing ball and climbing hay bales.  Her favorite thing is just chilling quietly in the house.  What a lovely house dog she is, never even know she's around.  She's a very friendly, outgoing girl but also a protector of the farm & of her people.   Annie was awarded Winner's Bitch at our breed specialty at Purina Farms in Missouri in 2017.  She is a special girl and dear to our hearts.   SIRE:  AKC CH/UKC CH Moonbaby's Have Gun Will Travel CA, FDC, RATN, RATO, RATS, CZ8B "Valor"  DAM: AKC CH/UKC CH Moonbaby's Oath Keeper "Gracie"

Tanasi's Steel Magnolia, "Shelby" 

Red Merle MAS


DNA Breed Panel CLEAR

OFA's: Hips: Good & Elbows: Normal

Shelby is a resident of Flying M.  Bred by & Co-owned with Tanasi MAS.  Shelby has already produced some very nice puppies that are making us proud.  Shelby is a reserved girl, a little shy but has a huge heart with lots of love to give.  She LOVES to work at the farm.  She is my #2 working dog here.  She and Sophie make a wonderful team & work beautifully together.  She loves to work but loves to come inside & chill too.  Wonderful off switch (like most all of our dogs), nothing like hitting the cool tile floor on a hot summer day.  She is still a puppy at heart but loves being a mom.  One of the most soft hearted dogs we have, a real sweetheart!  SIRE:  AKC CH/UKC CH Moonbaby's Have Gun Will Travel CA, FDC, RATN, RATO, RATS, CZ8B "Valor"  DAM:

AKC CH Tanasi's Roses R Red At Flying M, "Rosie"

Red Merle MAS


SIRE: AKC GCHG Dynasty's Fire Storm, "Blaze" DAM: AKC CH Moonbaby's Oath Keeper, "Gracie"